Upgraded suspension and a new video

A project log for M.A.R.S.

MADspace Advanced Robotics System: Open source 3D printed Mars rover

Guus van der SluijsGuus van der Sluijs 04/17/2014 at 20:432 Comments

The hotmelt in the joints gave way when we were driving around some. I took the opportunity to rework every joint. Here's a couple of pictures:

The cross-bar is just there to keep it together for now.

Lower right is a little drilling guide I printed, makes drilling holes in the center of the tubes easier.

Hope you're liking these close-ups

Let's see what obstacles it can conquer now!

Thanks for all your skulls! We appreciate it. 

Pauls log on the software is up and coming, he just seems to be even a bit busier than I am.


arko wrote 04/20/2014 at 20:40 point
Looks great!

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AmarOk wrote 04/17/2014 at 21:10 point
Nice work.

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