AVR Arduino Development Board

A custom AVR Development Board to build modular projects

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This is my first own custom AVR/Arduino Development Board which can add extra modules similar to Arduino shields.

I am a beginner with electronics and microcontrollers in general and is still learning a lot.

I own a few varieties of the Arduino family boards and built a few projects using ATmega and ATtiny family chips using breadboards.

Most of the times I will build a little circuit like using a shift register some LEDs and a pot for example to test and learn.

After a while I need the breadboard for another project so I end up drawing a schematic using KiCAD, Eagle or Fritzing and save the schematic file alongside my code.

After some time passes I would like to tinker a bit further so I load the schematic file and rebuild the whole circuit again on my breadboard.

I am at a stage where I don't want to just buy a new breadboard for each project because breadboards are expensive and not always that reliable, plus I probably need the practice to learn how to solder circuits properly. I thought about buying Arduino proto shields but even then it is still a bit expensive. Also I don't want to buy a Arduino board each time I want to prototype a project when I can simply buy the chip and a few passive components for a fraction of the price.

So I decided to build my own Arduino/AVR development board using very inexpensive protoboard with some headers to stack my projects on top. This gives me the flexibility to re use the development board for lots of different projects.

Essentially I am reinventing the wheel here and I am aware of that, but it is a much cheaper wheel and from which a lot more experience can be gained.

  • 1 × ATmega328PU Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / ARM, RISC-Based Microcontrollers
  • 1 × 16Mhz Crystal Oscillator
  • 2 × 100nf Ceramic Capacitor
  • 2 × 22pf Ceramic Capacitor
  • 1 × 10K Resistor

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  • Finnished add on module

    Julian Labuschagne09/15/2015 at 10:07 0 comments

    I have finished the add on module which is a separate project which can be found here:

    It works quite well it is a circuit which allows you to power the development board and control a 12V RGB LED Strip via Bluetooth

    I am quite happy with the prototype and gained some experience with soldering and building circuits on protoboard.

    I will draw a schematic of the project soon and add some build instructions to the project page.

  • Working on the first stackable module

    Julian Labuschagne09/04/2015 at 21:41 0 comments

    Started working on the new stackable module which is essentially a shield.

    Added some male headers and a LM7805 as a voltage regulator that supplies power to the module and the development board itself.

    I want to add a 3.3v regulator since I will be adding a HC-06 as well.

    Will post some photos soon.

  • Out of Resourses

    Julian Labuschagne08/30/2015 at 11:53 0 comments

    "You require more vespene gas!"

    This Saturday I sat down at my bench sorted all my components together, started warming up my soldering station. Reached for my tube velleman 17gr of 60/40 rosin core solder and noticed it was empty!

    Living in South Africa on a tight budget I usually have to buy in small quantities.

    I also only have one protoboard left to use for this project and from my last experience screwing up is easy to do especially if you are a noob like me. I mean just a few days ago I blew my fuse on my multimeter by trying to measure amps directly from my breadboard power supply.

    I have made a plan and ordered 200gr solder and 5 more protoboards, by next weekend I should be restocked and organised.

    I will spend the day drawing a schematic of the project and upload here.

    Does anybody else sometimes run into a day where you just don't have any stuff to work with?

  • Initial first build

    Julian Labuschagne08/23/2015 at 20:55 0 comments

    I have created the first revision of the board and started testing. I have not created a new module/shield yet but is the next thing on my list.

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