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julian-labuschagneJulian Labuschagne 08/30/2015 at 11:530 Comments

"You require more vespene gas!"

This Saturday I sat down at my bench sorted all my components together, started warming up my soldering station. Reached for my tube velleman 17gr of 60/40 rosin core solder and noticed it was empty!

Living in South Africa on a tight budget I usually have to buy in small quantities.

I also only have one protoboard left to use for this project and from my last experience screwing up is easy to do especially if you are a noob like me. I mean just a few days ago I blew my fuse on my multimeter by trying to measure amps directly from my breadboard power supply.

I have made a plan and ordered 200gr solder and 5 more protoboards, by next weekend I should be restocked and organised.

I will spend the day drawing a schematic of the project and upload here.

Does anybody else sometimes run into a day where you just don't have any stuff to work with?