• ordered some goodies

    davedarko07/11/2017 at 13:23 0 comments

    I was looking for color coding standards and connectors for I2C, hopefully something cheap. I found Grove I2C connectors instead. Now I've ordered some connectors, cables and hubs to connect sensors and mcus - which hopefully makes developing and later adding new sensors easier.

  • Starting to see things :D

    davedarko07/10/2017 at 13:37 2 comments

    A little enclosure for the VL53L0X Time of Flight laser sensor module - one of the elongated, purple-pinkish once.


  • Finally a head mount

    davedarko07/10/2017 at 10:10 0 comments

    I never came around to actually mount Johnnys head to my #R8-D8 - a distant relative of R2-D2 - it's possible to even motorize it later, but for now it's just fixed and transportation is way easier now! Currently in revision is a 3D printed case for the vl53l0x, to protect the module that replaces the interactive ultrasonic module. What other robot could I throw in there to mash up?

  • aftermath of Maker Faire Berlin 2017

    davedarko06/17/2017 at 14:02 0 comments

    I've brought R8-J5, formally know as #R8-D8 - a distant relative of R2-D2 and #Johnny IV - I got a lot of questions like "what does it do?", first day the answer was "nothing", second day I've reactivated the eyes from the last log.

    It needs a good power platform to start from, so I'll recycle some power bank batteries into a 2S cell. With the help of some cheap ebay modules and a switch.

  • ws2812b connection boards

    davedarko07/15/2016 at 16:49 1 comment

    I recently got a coupon for OSHpark and now that work finally cooled down and I also had some boards to do for work, I made a little connection board for ws2812b stuff. This board is basically what I did in my other project #RGB 16 Segment LED, the arduino/USB hub wouldn't power the LEDs, but when the external power bank was connected it would. A big cap holds some juice and the resistor is for protection.

    Here is the basic protoboard version I'm too lazy to solder evereytime :D

  • dembrains plate

    davedarko02/21/2016 at 20:28 2 comments

    I'm still trying to get the wire mess controlled, to have an easy point to come back on a later point in time. On the backside there will be a PCA9685 16-CHannel 12-Bit PWM Driver board used for the servos and getting along with the ws2812b LEDs. I've heard about timer issues and just wanted to be safe. The red and green boxes are tiny breadboards for arduinos and servos.

    I'll update this as soon as the print is done.

  • blue eye (lids)

    davedarko10/18/2015 at 19:20 11 comments

    I'm jumping a bit through colors, because I've already used green and yellow and the servos are dark blue etc. ... I want to have him look interesting and colorful!

    The mounting for the lower lids will be acetone "welded" on, once they are in the right position.

    Printed and glued :)

  • what a mess of wires

    davedarko10/16/2015 at 23:03 0 comments

    oh dear.... 24 ws2812b LEDs, HC-RS04 and 7 servos!!! I think I'll have to use more than one controller, especially for the ws2812b vs. the servos.

  • starting with the eye(s)

    davedarko10/16/2015 at 14:10 0 comments

    The parts for the eyes are in for a while now, 2x [8leds] neopixel rings and a HC-SR04 module. The rings have some weird 20degrees rotated mounting holes and I plan to desolder the ultra-sonic cans and mount them in the center. This part will be glued onto the other parts, once printed - updates will follow.

    So here are the printed parts:

    and next up printing is this peace, a mount for the servo eye brows.

  • mechanical iris

    davedarko09/11/2015 at 07:57 7 comments

    I just found a pretty awesome instructables.com tutorial that shows how to make an iris. I'm really fascinated by this but am wondering, if it wouldn't be a total overkill. But just the thought of having an Iris reacting to light shining on it is awesome.