aftermath of Maker Faire Berlin 2017

A project log for Johnny IV

I still have some servos around, ordered some ws2812b rings and bars and an ultrasonic sensor to get into a bit of animatronics

davedarkodavedarko 06/17/2017 at 14:020 Comments

I've brought R8-J5, formally know as #R8-D8 - a distant relative of R2-D2 and #Johnny IV - I got a lot of questions like "what does it do?", first day the answer was "nothing", second day I've reactivated the eyes from the last log.

It needs a good power platform to start from, so I'll recycle some power bank batteries into a 2S cell. With the help of some cheap ebay modules and a switch.

Einen lustigen Roboter und andere leuchtende Projekt gibt es beim Hackaday Community Stand zu sehen #MFB17
— Tobias Hanf (@TobiasHanf) 10. Juni 2017