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My wife would call me an idiot if she realize what is this about, before it finished and put into it's final place.

What I can tell:

- It is about lighting

- Uses LEDs, stepper motor, timing belt, MSP430 MCU, Pololu Stepper driver and optical endstops - the usual stuff

- The code of the MCU is so "complicated" that I was thinking about using standard 4xxx series logic gates instead

  • At last

    SUF09/08/2015 at 10:38 0 comments

    ...the long awaited pulleys arrived:

    I only need one of these, but I was waiting for these a while.

    The only thing still missing for the transmission is the tension spring, but I can build the thing without it. I should order the required mirror in the local shop quickly.

  • Electronics working

    SUF09/06/2015 at 04:03 0 comments

    Finally, the electronics of the project started to wok.

    I wrote the whole code in TI CCS. It is a long. I put incredible amount of work into it. ~30 lines of code including declarations, in around 10 mins :-D

    Then I tried to set the current limit of the stepper driver. Almost fried it when I connected the required 12V onto the 3.3V power rail but survived. Luckily the MCU was not already in the socket.

    Used this video for the setup:

    As the whole circuit started to work from my Lab PSU, finally soldered the power supply in. Last check. Still works:

    What left:

    • Some wiring
    • Tweaking the motor speed and the micro stepping
    • Minimal mechanical things like timing belt mount, mounting clamps, end stop insert, etc.
    • Mounting the lighting
    • Finishing the belt drive

    There is one thing set me back, that the driving pulley and the belt tension spring didn't arrived yet. As some things I ordered together with it, and things I ordered weeks later already arrived, I'm quite sure, that the bloody Post lost them. Already ordered some from different suppliers, and will complain when the time come.

    So, I'm waiting....

  • Components coming slowly

    SUF08/31/2015 at 14:09 0 comments

    Slowly the components are arriving (hopefully all of them will be here in a few days).

    The post(wo)man arrived with this today:

  • Advancing further

    SUF08/30/2015 at 06:05 0 comments

    I almost finished the woodwork, the PCB have been soldered, except the power supply part (I don't want to do this until I see the stepper driver running correctly, the transformer just screwed in to be able to do the woodcut correctly).

    Here is the device.



    I would love to do a video while it's moving, but the MCU programming, and the cabling isn't finished yet, and unfortunately some of the moving parts are still missing.

  • Getting Closer

    SUF08/26/2015 at 08:27 2 comments

    There is an aluminum frame of the device:

    I made it during the weekend. It is almost finished. The only thing is missing from the frame the two L shaped piece, what I'll use the mount it.

    I also made some supports for the optical endstops:

    The other things need to be done:

    - Etch the board

    - Build the electronics

    - Write the code

    - Mount the electronics to the frame

    - Cut out the place of the electronics/stepper from the LDF insert

    - Mount the insert to the sliders

    - Mount the lighting, etc. to the insert

    - Order the mirror

    - Mount the mirror to the insert

    - Mount the pulley to the stepper, add the timing belt, spanner, etc. (most of them not arrived yet)

    - Connect everything together

    - Mount the device to it's final place

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