Ivan gets PVC Struts

A project log for Ivan the Teambuilt Robot

An e-NABLE robotics project to give hands to those without use of their hands. Designed with your help.

Les HallLes Hall 02/25/2017 at 05:270 Comments

Here we see the latest Ivan prototype design in a graceful path driven by sinusoidal motion. New changes include PVC struts for strength and ease of printing. These allow the size of the gearboxes to be larger, making the motors smaller by comparison. The result is that we can once again have motors on every joint - no tricks! I will have to look up the inverse kinematics for such a robot and implement them on an arduino controlled by Processing on the MacBook (cross-platform to PC and Linux because it's Processing).

See that flat plate atop the turntable? It has four PVC pipe interfaces. It along with the pipe will attach to the end of the robot, making it longer and allowing for the attachment of tool heads.