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sapirsapir 01/26/2016 at 00:020 Comments

The components all arrived some time ago, and somehow they're smaller than I imagined. Hopefully I'll manage to solder them somehow. Maybe I'll make the PCB larger so it'll be easier, maybe not.

So I've still got to order the PCB. I accidentally upgraded to KiCad 4, which is nice, but my KiCad 3 files were suddenly out-of-date. KiCad 4 offers to "rescue" all the old components etc. but I still wanted to fix them up properly to use new KiCad 4 components and footprints before continuing with the PCB. (Well, at least for the built-in ones, the caps etc., I'm not planning on editing the footprints I made myself again if I don't have to.) While doing so I also discovered the footprint I had put for the through-hole cap was too small, so it should be fixed now.

Once I'm finished updating and rerouting the PCB and moving things around for the bigger cap footprint, I still plan on printing the PCB out and checking it against the real components, at least for the ICs and the FPC connector, and probably the inductors - I'm more confident about the size of the 0805 resistors and caps matching the 0805-size footprints :)