Home Smart Pharmaceutical Cabinet

Ease access to home drugs cabinet for everyone.

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Each home has a cabinet to keep the medicines. At most, one person is in charge of it; knowing what pills are for, sorting the expiry date, etc. If that person is missing, everyone is lost.
My idea, is to make it easier for everyone in the house.
Just stick a regular 7" tablet on the door with the right software and all is much more simple.
All the hardware is already in the tablet.
the camera is a bar-code scanner, a face recognition, the audio interface is usefull for blind
With the right software, the access is widend to children, elder people, blind, illiterate, etc. with pictures driven navigation.
Emergency videos can be available to show how to handle domestic accident (burn, severe cut, poisoning,...).
It can be a reminder for elder people to take their medicine, there is an outside connection to reach help or send reports.
Can get updated data about drugs.
Can help on basic problems : headache, stomach pain, ...

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