Putting it together

A project log for Starfleet Communicator Badge

Bluetooth connected communicator for your chest.

Tampa HackerspaceTampa Hackerspace 04/30/2014 at 04:100 Comments

Soldering the amplifier circuit, dead bug style.

  1. Solder the speaker output of the Bluetooth headset to the 100 Ohm resistor. Cut the heat shrink tube to cover,
  2. Solder the resistor now to pin 2 of the Transistor
  3. Solder pin 3 of the Transistor to the Power connection on the Bluetooth (make sure to add your shrink tubing first).
  4. Solder the positive side of the speaker to Pin1 of the Transistor (make sure to add your shrink tubing first).
  5. Solder the Speaker ground to the Bluetooth ground (again, be sure to add your shrink tubing).
  6. Check your solder connections, then shrink the tube.
  7. bundle your wiring and place it into your 3D printed shell. Note that you might need to dremel the back of the 3D printed shell in order to adjust it make it snug.
  8. Test to make sure you have communication, then use a glue gun to set it.
  9. Insert the battery and test again. You will hold the button for approx. 2 seconds. Then set your secondary Bluetooth device to pair. ***note: to get the battery to stay, we recommend just hot gluing the battery in***