Digital Photo Frame controlled remotely

Smart Digital Photo Frame controlled remotely by using FTP server. You can update a photo on DPF anytime and anywhere.

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This program(Remote DPF) is started from that I want to show my children photo to my parents live away from me.

You can upload a children photo on the FTP server anytime and anywhere.
If you have this DPF, You can download from a remote FTP server the updated photo and also always show that.

The downloaded phoho is saved to the micro SD card in DPF, and is displayed on 2.8” TFT LCD.

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    Step 1

    How to Operation

    1. For updating a new BMP file in SD card, Connect the FTP server whenever the specified time is expired.
    2. When updating is done or no new BMP file, DPF sequentially displays a BMP file in the SD card.

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