Project is currently at the feasibility stage.

So far the Prosmart G1 Self-balancing personal vehicle hover-board is proving to be quite hackable and is actually quite well built. The unit Groupgets has, claims to have the the original designed circuit board, not a knockoff, as well as high quality OEM li-ion cells. From the quick look of the internals it looks well put together and has mainstream chip components.

The motor is a standard 3 phase brush-less motor, with feedback.

Everything is connected via nice easy to disconnect connectors, so no soldered is needed to swap out a circuit board or anything like that.

The plan is to look at what can be reused, vs replaced. I like that all the microelectronics are all STM32 and could potentially be reprogrammed.

So here is the plan. If I can construct a robot body from 2x4's and mount it to the hover-board, It should be able to self balance. Once it can self balance then getting a simple BLE line to an android phone should make remote control fun. If all goes well, then mounting an android tablet should result in a fun Telepresence robot.