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A project log for Matrix Operator's Console

kittankittan 04/16/2014 at 02:400 Comments

04.15.2014 (Kittan) Novak left early, something about having to go be awesome and buttkicking, I dunno. But I think he got some work done on parsing map data and rendering. We'll probably reload the NotSoGreatway with debian tomorrow or someday soon and start playing with code on it. I stripped down the last 5 LCDs, three of them needed power rewiring. Fetched some materials to make frames. We already had plywood but I needed some 1x4 for the sides, added about $45 to the project cost. I got all the frame faceplates measured and cut, then routed the inside edges with a 1/4 radius roundover so they don't look like crap. Well, not complete crap. I wasn't being careful at all because they're not supposed to look smooth and precise. Definitely no CNC work here (which we don't have any CNC equipment anyways).

(imagine this with black frames and bulletholes, that'll be tomorrow's update. Imagine it vertical, hopefully that'll be Friday's)

All 7 touchscreens are mounted to faceplates. Five are currently connected and functional, the other two are an RS232 adapter and a hardware ID conflict resolution short of being team players. Tomorrow first thing I need to cut and drill some metal tabs to fit to the other 5 screens so I can mount them securely to their faceplates. Once I know all the mounting is good they'll be getting a rough paint job, and hopefully sometime afternoon we're gonna take 'em out to the woods and shoot at them (with the screens removed of course, just the wood parts). Then nail the sides on and repaint everything, make sure screens without VESA mounts get retrofitted for them and ready to rock&roll.

(obligatory multiscreen code rain, courtesy of matrix_ks screensaver)