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A project log for Matrix Operator's Console

kittankittan 04/19/2014 at 17:040 Comments

04.19.2014 (Kittan) Turns out the backlight issue was actually a power delivery issue, which has been resolved. Also the RS232 USB adapters came in so we can hopefully get every touchscreen interfacing. Now I guess I get to start designing the frame, and Novak will have full run of the hardware for some code-o-rama. Gonna be fun seeing some of the actual game render running on this thing.
Some of the frame is cut and welded up. I don't want anything to look terribly organized (it should be solid, but appear fairly haphazardly arranged) so I basically am attaching some VESA arms (chopped from some old HP stands I hadn't tossed yet, fortunately I had exactly 12) to the screens in their current configuration and welding rails the arms will screw to. I've got the top row rail on legs, with arms drilled and mounted for the top center 3 screens. Need to check placement on the other 2 top-level, then mount the top corners, then I get to figure out what to do about the bottom row - they're all gonna need to tilt upward a bit for better readability so I'll have to make some adjustments there. Fortunately they're all the same size. I do need to make sure I pad some room for keyboard arms, external optical drive and maybe a cupholder and other crap.

Probably going to build a sweet keyed on/off switch for the machine too. I've already got a loosely assembled keyed "reset" switch, another contact can be used for on/off and put the whole thing in a box to mount up. The screen supply will be wired to kick on with the rest of the machine, so turning the key should fire up the entire unit all at once. That'll be pretty cool.
Tomorrow' Sunday so probably not a lot will get done, only got a couple hours. Monday might see the frame completed.