Frame Completed

A project log for Matrix Operator's Console

kittankittan 04/22/2014 at 04:520 Comments

04.21.2014 (Kittan)
Well the frame is pretty much complete. I might still add some bracing, and at some point do something better with the base than the 1x4 screwed in there to keep it from racking, but it's functionally complete. We've got all 12 screens in a semi-haphazard organization, as well as the keyboard, a floating optical drive and a bracket for the keyed on/off/reset. Tomorrow I'll mount up the 12V supply and run power leads to everything, but for now it's time to hit the couch and relax a bit. Tomorrow might also see some of Novak's code running on the machine, that'll be great. I haven't actually seen anything operating since the collision-detection and motion vector tests a little over a week ago.