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A project log for Matrix Operator's Console

kittankittan 04/23/2014 at 04:260 Comments

04.22.2014 (Kittan)
Sometime I still need to redo the base of the frame, and run the USB/serial lines for all the touch interfaces and optical drive, but that's pretty much it. All screens are mounted, as well as the keyboard, optical and the control box. All power lines are run - oh yeah, I still need the signal line from the ATX to the 12V screen power. That's fairly trivial though.
Novak was out sick most of the day. He did have time to go over the map data parser and sample map files he wrote though, so I can get started on the city generator. That's going to be all sorts of ridiculous. I can't wait to see what the map render output looks like. The map generator will be a fun trip into modular framework - city will call block, block will call building, building will call floor, floor will call room, room will return coordinates of all border lines of all objects within the room, and everything determined by weighted random generators coupled to sample object data and user-definable zoning distribution curves. It'll be a fun couple of days trying to slam that out, with only a sample parser and no renderer yet to run outputs through... Good thing we're making the format approximately human-readable.

This optical drive housing used to be an IDE passthrough,but has been replaced with a USB controller. The internal power was also replaced with a 12V line in and internal 5V buck. The control box on the left I threw together this evening. The key is a 4-contact rotary switch and I left two contacts open; a momentary clockwise turn kicks the machine on, and a momentary counterclockwise hits the reset. Green LED for power, orange for activity - except the activity light is screwing up on me. The first LED didn't work at all, the second worked but only until I glued and screwed everything in place. Now I don't know what's going on but it's annoying.