Murphy Sucks...

A project log for E.T. Communicator (Phone Home)

An attempt at recreating a "vintage" E.T. Communicator from the 1982 movie.

supershwasupershwa 04/27/2014 at 10:330 Comments

I want to kick that Murphy guy squah in the nahts...

We ran out of oxygen in the oxy-acetylene torch (while trying to remove the carbide tips on the sawblade and to bend the butter knife) and other issues have presented themselves changing out the new makeshift record player spindle. of old spindle with freshly bored hole.)

The "new" spindle is [long enough, but] too thin, causing the platter to tilt ... we're working on a fix (without a 3D printer or CNC).  It would be nice to have exact-sized sleeve bearings, but it may just turn into papier mâché soaked in 3-in-1 if we can't find something feasible in the garage.  There could be some copper tubing hiding in a corner that might suffice....

WTF Murphy?  We're only modding collectibles from the 1980's...sheesh.