Quantity   Component name
1 × Circa 1970's Speak & Spell! We recently grabbed a late 1970s model that is more functional than the (pictured) 1980s model we previously snagged off eBay.
1 × Record Player We found the original Sears solid-state model from the movie for ($17) on eBay
1 × Children's walkie talkies We found 1983 "Sky Talker" (27Mhz?) walkie talkies by Fisher Price ($5) on eBay
1 × UHF Tuner Still hunting this one down ... problems here.
1 × 10" 24-tooth Circular Saw Blade Could not find an older blade without expansion slots or carbide tips. (Found at Home Depot)
1 × 8-panel Umbrella Not vintage, but umbrella technology hasn't changed much. (Wal Mart)
1 × Wooden Coat Hanger Nothing like ruining an antique. (eBay)
1 × Tin Coffee can Chock Full o' Nuts - they've been around for decades, and still use tin cans. ...and it's Chock full o' Nuts! (Local grocery store)
1 × Butter Knife Going to have to ruin one (Kitchen)
1 × Fork Going to have to ruin one (Kitchen)
1 × Package of bobby pins Used as contacts between the sawblade and S&S keyboard input (Wal Mart)
1 × Aluminum foil Used with the umbrella as a parabolic reflector (Kitchen)
2 × Safety pins (Wal Mart)
2 × Eye hooks (Wal Mart)
1 × 6v Lantern Battery UHF tuner juice... (Wal Mart)
1 × 9v Battery Walkie-talkie juice
1 × x4 C batteries Speak & Spell juice