Day 1 - The Test

A project log for Audiophile grade car stereo/computer

Not your average stereo... or even your high end stereo... but MORE!

MattMatt 09/02/2015 at 06:490 Comments


- Open all packages and test for DOA components, parts and accessories.

- Get both computers up, running and base distributions installed to verify functionality.

Part 1:

Test power supplies obtained from amazon to verify there is little to no ripple on the power line.

- This was successful, with less than .2v of ripple under load (tested with LEDs first to verify functionality, then with series of resistors and LEDs to make a quick dummy load) for each supply.

Part 2:

Powered up the Raspberry Pi and got distribution(s) installed. Everything appears to be working correctly. Wi-fi and Bluetooth were working within a matter of moments of plugging the adapters in.

Powered up the Radxa Rock2Square (minus the CR1220 clock battery!), it has a factory image of Android KitKat installed. That booted up successfully. Once again Wi-fi and Bluetooth were working within a matter of moments of turning them on in software (both onboard!).

Part 3:

Figure out how to correctly wire up the LCD and Touch screen interfaces, as there are several versions of this LCD out there, and they all do NOT come with instructions.

- Successfully traced out connections and figured out how to correctly wire this particular unit, thankfully there was a + and - marking on the actual touchscreen.

- Powered up the touch screen and interfaced it successfully with both computers. The Raspberry Pi seems to have more options as far as HDMI output goes in the default state (this can be corrected in software as the screen is capable of quite a few).