Day 2 - The Bench

A project log for Audiophile grade car stereo/computer

Not your average stereo... or even your high end stereo... but MORE!

MattMatt 09/02/2015 at 06:570 Comments


- To make a temporary testing platform for further experimentation with the computers to determine which will be the "winner" and gets to be the main computer in the car.

Part 1:

Created a cardboard stand for the monitor and necessary driver boards to sit on while still providing adequate room to move things around.


This setup will be used to create a more "permanent" platform for things to mount to until all of the software and drivers are working to our liking. The more "permanent" structure will also have to be transportable, as we will need to be able to move the components around the work area(s), as well as need to be able to transport the unit in its entirety to different locations.

Part 2:

Experimented with different distributions and versions of Android and Debian on the Rock2. So far there are 2 issues:

- Touch Screen is not recognized by default on any OS

- HDMI output does not appear to be adjustable EXCEPT in Android Kitkat.

NEITHER of these are deal-breakers, it just means that driver installation for both the LCD Panel and Touch interface will be necessary as well as the configuration and calibration to preference.