Day 3 - Operating System tweaking

A project log for Audiophile grade car stereo/computer

Not your average stereo... or even your high end stereo... but MORE!

MattMatt 09/04/2015 at 09:040 Comments


- To get the current debian based OS (Rabian) working with a better resolution for viewing on the small screen.

- To investigate a kernel re-compile to add some drivers for the USB Touchscreen.

Part 1:

Decided to attempt to use the SATA Header and attach the SSD that will be storing the music, just to verify it will work.

- Board does not power up with the SATA header and SSD installed with a 2A power supply (its actually about 2.3). Please note, my partner in this project was able to do this with his, and it did not see the drive, but was able to use the base OS without issue.

- Unplug all cables, and only plug in base cables (power and HDMI). Board does NOT power up.

- Attempt several different times to get into "loader mode" to attempt recovery. FAILED.

- I notice that the power LED (red) on the square base board is blinking... not staying on steady and I can hear a small almost beep coming from the board whenever it blinks. (Failed component?)

- I attempt different power supplies even ones that are underrated, and I get pretty much the same issue.

- I removed the SoM from the board, and put power just to the board. The red LED stays solidly lit without issue.

- Posted issue to in hopes that someone can help diagnose the issue, or provide some ideas.

Hoping someone can assist as I honestly have no idea where to start. Its literally only be 3 days since it was working last, and I really don't think I fried it...