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Not your average stereo... or even your high end stereo... but MORE!

MattMatt 10/30/2015 at 10:110 Comments

So all of the hardware is pretty much in hand, with the exception of 6 buttons and a rotary encoder (we have them picked out, just not purchased yet). At this point we are now working on building the Android kernel we've always dreamed about... everything we need, nothing we don't, sleek, streamlined and sexy.

We need to build in the following items to really get things working the way we have envisioned:

  1. Hibernation/low power standby support
  2. Communication via UART to Arduino (there are some nice pin headers that I'd like to use) for the physical buttons/rotary encoder
  3. Find a way to have Android look for NEMA data from the GPS dongle we have and not have to turn on Mock Locations (hints anyone?)
  4. All of these things then need to be able to talk to "Tasker" application (or "Tasker" needs to look for them)

After we get the kernel built and get the "Tasker" application working with everything, the software and hardware testing will begin.

Currently there is another test fixture/jig being built for my partner on this project... as well as an enclosure for the MiniDSP/DAC stack that will go in the trunks of the cars.