Touchy, no Touchy... and other small setbacks

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Not your average stereo... or even your high end stereo... but MORE!

MattMatt 11/19/2015 at 12:170 Comments

So for the past few weeks, my counterpart (Joel) has been attempting to compile the android kernel with the correct support to get the touchscreen working. So far there have been no successful compiles.

That being said, the screen does work under Linux (all flavors I tried initially did work) some flavors needed the drivers to be installed but most at least had a clue what to do with the screen. So basically he's been battling with that, and I've been roughing out ideas and tackling other small issues.

1 - Low power support is something that can be done, which is good as we will be attempting to keep the Rock2 on while the car is off. The power drain should be pretty minimal. I'm going to be experimenting with that sometime very soon.

2 - We will still need an Arduino or something of the like for CAN-BUS for Joel's car, mine, not so much. So what I am going to be attempting to do is get something working for him with that. Then use the Rock2's GPIO pins for all of the buttons/rotary action. If need be we can bit-bang that out for the time being.

3 - We can't really use anything but mock locations for the USB-GPS... as its how android really layers things. So that's out. Maybe we can make or find an app that works a little better.

4 - "Tasker" should be able to take care of most things... and with the use of the GPIOs on the Rock2, we should be able to interact a bit faster.

I am going to be seeing if I can request some samples of the buttons I like, and purchase the rotary encoders, but I will be probably playing around with making a quick rig sometime over the next few weekends to start hashing it all out. I do have some spare stuff I can play around with. I may still need to use an Arduino to do some stuff in my car.

Getting the CAN-BUS stuff working shouldn't be too hard, Joel's car is fairly well documented, but there will still have to be some digging to be done, as the exact model year isn't documented that we can find in all that great of detail.

This time of the year gets a little weird... busy, then not, then busy then not... all with varying degrees of time.