INTERESTED IN JOINING this project? Do feel free to click that "Request To Join" button! But no requests will be granted without either A) at least 3 (three) paragraph*-long reasons regarding "Why I [you, not me=the writer of this project description] Hate 3D Printers" or B) at least 4 (four) reasons regarding the afore-mentioned hatred for 3D-printers, at least 2 (two) of which must be at least a paragraph* long or C) (UPDATED per @frankstripod's evil ploy to take over the world) The full solution to the #itanimulli Puzzle project in a private message.

(* NOTE: a "paragraph," as used here, is defined as at least 3 (three) sentences related to a singular topic. Groupings of three+ (>=3) sentences in which less than three (3) sentences relate to the topic-in-question will not be considered as meeting the Join-Request criteria).

(WARNING: This project includes ideas for 3D-printers.)

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