DVD-Lasered Jolly-Wrencher

A project log for CD/DVD mechanisms and cartesian thinggie[s?]

DVD-laser-etcher, dremmel-router, possibly a 3D printer? Who knows!

Eric HertzEric Hertz 07/14/2016 at 12:262 Comments

The moment We've all been waiting for... Or at least I have.

Not sure why Inkscape decided to draw every line twice, something about edge-detection? And where'd it get the curves in the wrenches? Dunno.

USE GOGGLES, and Open The Window. That be burning-plastic smoke you see in the video.

Grbl has been hardware-abstracted and ported to PIC32, per the last log. Also added direct-support for PWM-microstepping output within grbl, to be fed directly into H-bridges, rather than the normal "step/direction" output usually fed into an EasyStepper. (The PWM output is a sine-wave fed into the two windings, 90degrees out-of-phase).

Other tools: Universal G-Code Sender (java-based), Inkscape with the Gcodetools extension, (Inkscape CNC (G-Code) tutorial - YouTube), Grbl, 2 DVD drives (the burning-laser is, I think, from a 20x drive, running at 250mA, just remove the focussing lens, and the focal-point is about a foot away),


johnowhitaker wrote 07/14/2016 at 14:42 point

Wooo! Was thinking 'man, i can almost smell those fumes just watching it' and then realized that a neighbor was actually burning rubbish. Lucky me - I get to experience smell-o-vision a few years before it goes mainstream :P Very cool to see your progress, and I like the long focal length! You should add some more smoke for extra effect.

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Eric Hertz wrote 07/14/2016 at 20:07 point

Hah! Smellovision!

Yeah, turns out 8minutes was due to the faster CPU's clock-frequency used in math somewhere that overflowed, it's only 2 minutes, now. And if it didn't double-back on all the lines that'd only be 1minute, not bad at all!

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