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A project log for cheap lab bench shelf add-on

Got a free standing lab bench, but missing a shelf for test equipment?

rawerawe 09/03/2015 at 17:440 Comments

The primer is dry. My lab bench legs are dark/wine red, so the shelf thingy will get red, too:

Daytime job time!:

Mounted on the 1200 x 300 x 18 mm fake wood thing:

Four 5mm screws per leg mount the shelf thing on the table (fake table top used for test):

Time for a massive stablity/strength test. Choo-choo!

In the meantime the mailman delivered a special ingedient, originating from the far east, just in time:



- clean up electronics lab bench (*sigh*...)

- mount shelf thing on electronics lab bench

- arrange electronics gadgets around

- take pretty pictures

- fix the motor control board with burn marks some insects liked to short out that waits for repair (= lab bench cleanup) for some time

I plan to put the usual test gear on the shelf. Stuff with too much/stiff wires or a digital scope (viewing angle) may still get on the bench itself. In addition, I'll add a linux driven thin client/barebone, TFT display, ... for datasheet/schematic/... lookup + music playback.

Btw. lesson learned: Don't place your trusty cordless drill battery charger that got air vent holes on the top near a source of metal chips...

Whoops -.- , warranty voided, metal chips removed, 10 cent fuse replaced, runs again.