What we know (recap) T#1, T#2, T#3

A project log for Lets Solve!

I figured I would start a project to crack the mystery that is

mikeneiderhausermikeneiderhauser 04/15/2014 at 23:020 Comments

Here is a log of the recap from the ##hackaday IRC

<mdn15> Lets do a little recap shall we (and please feel free to fill in where I may miss)


<mdn15> Transmission 1: [Input Sources] Coordinates of telescopes.

<mdn15> Test Block 1: "I'm floating in a most peculiar way"

<mdn15> Test block 2 was the QR code that led to the Major Tom Page


<mdn15> --Transmission 2--

<mdn15> Video on HaD Page

<mdn15> IP of telnet server

<mdn15> bob widlar (username and password of server)

<mdn15> Various messages from MrWildard

<emerica_> ^ ignoring those

<mdn15> (thats what I'm thinking, but still needs to be noted)

<emerica_> indeed

<mdn15> On the telnet server

<mdn15> we found a key file and a puff the magic dragon file

<emerica_> AGC

<mdn15> correct

<mdn15> as of now.. I feel AGC was to throw us a curve ball

<mdn15> The keyfile and openpuff led us to a message in the Transmission 2 Image

<rawe_t30> status.jpg?

<mdn15> yes.. status.jpg

<mdn15> the message resulted in


"Current Status

 Inclination 52.3

 Altitude 439km

O2 76.2%

Could do with a lift guys.

<mdn15> then we got this from ground control

Major Tom, this is Ground Control. Message received.

 Rescue mission planned, crew selection progressing.

Next communication at T-18180


<mdn15> -- Transmission 3 (so far) --

<mdn15> 5 images that (most likely) relate to T#1 on the main Hackaday page

<mdn15> These images have some sort of SSL info embedded (files begin with Salted__)

<mdn15> The pic on the T3# page had a PNG file embedded that contained a space suit as a minecraft skin

<rawe_t30> this was the first image on with embedded info

<emerica_> I dont know if the post number 119822 is relevant

<emerica_> the next 8 bytes are the salt

<emerica_> 8 right?