Transmission #03 Decoded: Launch site confirmed.

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I figured I would start a project to crack the mystery that is

John BoydJohn Boyd 04/17/2014 at 18:450 Comments

Seems like the transmission has been decoded and we have a launch site confirmed. Its hard to keep track of who has done what, but the entire community has come together to solve this one. The words played back in the audio files listed below, were deciphered to reveal the geographic location of the Baikonur Cosmodrome Launch Facility.

These are the MP3 files extracted from each image:

Here is what the mp3's say:

Taking the first letter as a number starting with A=0 we get the following numbers:

45 92 06 42 33

AKA the GPS coordinates: 45.920N, 63.342E

Ground Control confirmed the launch site here.

They left us with a parting phrase (possibly clue), "Suit up!" Is this a reference to the space suit Minecraft skin we found earlier in the transmission? It might be worth our while to keep a look out for a HaD minecraft server in the near future.