Robotic-like Two-Dimensional Scanning Machine

Develop an robotic-like scanning machine to intelligently detect the location of defect inside a target structure.

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The object is to develop a robotic-like system, which can intelligently scanning the surface and detect the location of the defect inside the structure. This system consists of one measuring module and two dimensional tracks. The core of the module is an piezoelectric transducer that can transfer physical wave to digital signal. We then use Fourier Transform to process the signal and get depth information.

For the software part, I used LabVIEW to develop an application to remotely control the machine and execute signal process. Also, I made the interface user-friendly and efficient. The interface is shown in the picture. To further communicate with the microcontroller, assembly language is used.

The idea of the system is based on a research, which is a nondestructive evaluation named "Impact-echo method". There are only two machines in the world built for automatically implementing this method. This one is in Taiwan, another one is in Germany.

The research for the system won the 9th National Instruments Paper Contest in 2010.

  • 2 × Stepper motor One for each track
  • 1 × Piezoelectric transducer Transfer physical wave to digital signal
  • 1 × Mixed Signal Processor MSP430F2272 from Texas Instruments
  • 1 × Impactor To produce physical wave
  • 1 × Induction motor Impactor control

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    Step 1

    The first two pictures are photos of the system. The system can be located on a cubic or plat surface.

    The third picture is the MCU (microcontrollers), which control the motion.

    The last pictures are software application. The first one the interface of the main menu; The second one appears when the user selects the Measuring Mode; The last one is the result after processing the data, which is displayed with a 2D graph showing the shape of the internal defect.

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    Step 2

    See the components for more detail about the hardware.

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Edison Chen wrote 04/11/2014 at 05:56 point
Hi Eric, I did published a paper in 2010. But it's in Chinese. However, I guess the team I worked before has published some paper in English during this period. Let you know if I find some.

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Eric Evenchick wrote 04/09/2014 at 17:36 point
This measurement technique sounds pretty neat. Is there any papers on it that you could link us to?

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