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Just your typical Arduino compatible microcontroller and breadboard in a tin, move along

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A Pro Trinket based MCU board and a breadboard thrown in a tin to form a little more rugged devkit that can be thrown in a backpack and carried around without having to worry about damaging it.
It's not something new but I thought I'd share, even if it's only for the LED gif ;)

While working at an institute at my university I used to carry a couple of microcontroller boards in my backpack in case I needed them. I put them in those metal tins you might have seen me use before to protect them from getting damaged. At some point I saw that a half-sized breadboard nicely fits into such a tin with room to spare for a small MCU board so I mocked up some ideas:

Then recently while handling some of the spare PCBs from #Pro Trinket USB Keyboard it struck me that I could just use the MCU part of those boards since I actually designed them to fit into such a tin. And since I have way too many spares I was also looking for ways to use them up. So I soldered one, made some modifications and just put it together like this:

The red and black wires obviously connect Vcc and GND from the MCU to the breadboard with GND being connected on the back like this:

The other black wire on the back of the breadboard connects both GND rails together.

The modifications I mentioned are just a power indicator LED, the typical LED on digital 13 and a button.

I'm not sure if I'll actually use it 'in the field' or if I'll just give it away to a friend but as I mentioned I have a couple of spare PCBs and tins, so if anyone would like to build one contact me :)

  • Bar-graph 'shield'

    Stefan Lochbrunner09/04/2015 at 15:34 0 comments

    I was kind of bored so I threw together this bar-graph board that fits right on top of the Pro Trinket footprint:

    As you can see it's made of a SOIC-16 breakout, some 0603 LEDs and 0805 resistors. It's a tight fit but the LEDs lined up good enough to not get shorts in between. And well... you also see what I had to do to make the resistors fit :)

    Unfortunately there are no 8 I/O pins right next to each other. Since the Aref pin is between D13 and A0/D14 I had to connect the LED that lines up with Aref with a wire.

    All of that just for some lame gif:

    Sorry for the bad camera work ;)

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