Accounting Automation

An ultimate Excel workbook that automates the process of accounting for you.

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Inspired by how tedious the posting process was in grade eleven accounting, I decided to make a macro in Microsoft Excel that would automate that entire process for you within minutes, instead of hours. As I was progressing in my script, I realized that Excel has a lot power hidden in Excel VBA, such as creating a GUI that displays information and adds extra functionality that would help in automation.

When I was done automating the posting process in accounting and named the software, LedgeIt, I realized that at its current stage, it's not very intuitive on how it's display. The user must have their chart of accounts and general journal laid out in a specific way, otherwise LedgeIt would not be able to interpret the data correctly. Not only that, the software doesn't feel very useful all by itself. So I decided to expand upon LedgeIt and create an ultimate Excel workbook that goes through the entire accounting cycle for you.

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