Finished circuit design!

A project log for ADS1292 Breakout Board

A simple breakout board for the TI ADS1292 Biomedical Front-End IC

Giovanni Cimolin da SilvaGiovanni Cimolin da Silva 09/22/2015 at 13:040 Comments

I have finally finished the circuit design!

It would be great to receive some feedback about my design.

I am starting the PCB project this week.

Here are a list of things that changed since the last update:

-->Power supplies

Two power supplies have been added, one for the analog side of the IC and the other for the digital part.

I'm using two LM1117 low-dropout regulators from TI, which have 3v3 fixed voltage and +-1% accuracy.

They are a bit of overkill but it is what I have in hand.


I'm using a simple SIL 10 pin connector for communication and power, just to make it easy to plug into a breadboard.

For the electrodes I've chosen to use T-Block connectors.