RPi GSM Router

A Raspberry Pi based GSM router that allows you to route calls through a VPN connection into your home Asterisk PBX installation.

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Since the availability of chan_dongle for Asterisk - an open source software implementation of telephone PBX the chance raised to route GSM calls like telephone operators do.

The device above (based on a Raspberry Pi) receives GSM calls via a cheap UMTS modem feeds them into a small Asterisk installation (Site B) which than routes the call according to your setup to the target PBX (Site A) through an OpenVPN connection. Established peer connections are show on the yellow LED and driven by Asterisk event management.

In order to handle power management and prevent sudden power loss the device uses a power management board made by AndiceLabs (Power indication by left green LED). The device checks for power losses and gracefully shuts down once power missing was triggered. Bootup happens again once power is available again.
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi
  • 1 × Huawei UMTS Modem chan_dongle compatible Huawei UMTS Modem
  • 2 × LED 3mm green, yellow
  • 1 × 2.1mm power plug
  • 1 × Push button

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Asim Rasheed wrote 04/10/2020 at 08:03 point


I am making Asterisk PBX over Orange Pi - 2g IoT, using standard Ubuntu Server 16.4 available on Orange-Pi website ( Everything is working fine, but I am stuck on two issues,

a. How to add built-in GSM module of Orange Pi 2g IoT board in asterisk, so that A GSM trunk call/text can be transferred on SIP extension. I know chan-dongle, but asterisk is not detecting GSM module. I ahve tried different versions of asterisk.

b. How to change IMEI of Orange Pi 2g IoT

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