Wireless MIDI controller, work with GarageBand.

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A cubic midi controller aim for combining dance and music, communicate with Garage Band via Bluetooth LE.

Hello everyone, this is my first project shared in Hackaday, before this project, I've been at Taipei Hackerspace for two years, where I started tinkering with Arduino, making interactive stuffs, and cubetrument here, is one of the projects I am currently tinkering with, I hope while sharing this project, I can also get your feedback, or even collaborate together, to make it even more playful.

The initial concept of cubetrument, is make a music contoller that is portable, and is visual attractive by itself, and bringing the music performance from stage to street, while playing it, it should also like dancing. One day I finish it, I want to bring it out to the street, dance and share the joy of making with passengers.

So that how it looks like, a cubic shape controller, with two axis on its diagonal, you can spin it. The pattern on the surface is the key for the controller at the same time, when it is touched, it will send signal to iphone via BLE and playing note by GarageBand.

And here is how it looks like:

It is a rotating cubic shape controller, and if you saw video above, you will see four rectangle geometry on four faces. When finger touched, it will sense capacitive changes and let micro controller send MIDI note to GarageBand. The rectangle shape is actually a wooden sheet sticker, and underneath the wooden sticker is an copper tape, which connects to capacitive sensing unit mpr121, and there are 12 input, and 4 input for each faces ( so totally 3 faces with responsible input key, one face is faked for aesthetic point of view).

As you can see, the wooden part is just sticker, and under the decoration is the half transparent, 5 mm acrylic, laser-cutted box.

  • 1 × Ble Nano RedBearLab
  • 1 × MPR121 capacitive touch sensor Sparkfun
  • 8 × RGB led
  • 1 × Copper tape

  • 1
    Step 1


    1. Make it sense

    With capacitive sensing module mpr121 and copper tape.

    2. Make it sing

    Send midi note to iphone and trigger GarageBand

    3. Make it rotate

    Here I will talk more about design structure. Parts need to be 3D printed and laser cutted

    4. Make it pretty

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franciscomiller wrote 05/20/2019 at 16:00 point

Very interesting and inspiring for me! I like such type of approach. When people are motiveted, they do their work excellent. This approach also helped us at where we replace glass and do the similar types of service.

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piet puk wrote 11/20/2018 at 19:55 point

Do you have build instructions anywhere?

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Est wrote 03/18/2016 at 00:32 point

can you explain what program do you use to receive the bluetooth data and play midi sounds? do you write a program by yourself or use an already made software?

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