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Use RDA5807M FM radio module in combination with ESP-8266 self hosted web interface

andrey.malyshenkoandrey.malyshenko 07/01/2022 at 10:100 Comments

Despite FM radios universally losing their battle to Internet streaming, I still like to listen good old "air radio" once in a while. After some time I've decided to revisit project with my current (updated) experience and skills. 

First of all I've redesigned the board completely, mostly moving towards SMD components (to enable mass production) as opposed to hand-solder first design. Also improved power circuitry a lot, most importantly FM module decoupling from ESP circuits (audio quality much improved). 

At some point I thought it would be nice to have small TFT-screen, if I keep it somewhere on the desktop, so I did add it. 

Flashing/debugging circuitry costs liturally cents now, so I've added that as well.

All and all I see this as a much improved design for the project that gives so much fun to work on.

Needless to say, I had to rewrite project code, so I took this chance to refactor it a bit, but more importantly got rid of Sming Framework dependency (it seems to be abandoned now) and moved towards blooming Platformio platform.

And here is the end result of my work in its glory