DIY Chumby-lite

ESP8266-based WiFi LED light controller and clock

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Yet another ESP8266 hack: partly inspired by an ancient X10 alarm clock controller, and partly by the Chumby, this is a bedside touchscreen controller for WiFi LED lights, with a few extra features thrown in and planned.

  • Ucglib quick update

    Spiros Papadimitriou09/19/2015 at 03:27 0 comments

    A simple, 1-line change to set SPI clock to 32MHz (d-oh!) now gives ~15fps across the board: Much better! Just doing ucglib justice here... :)

  • XPT2046 touch on ESP8266

    Spiros Papadimitriou09/16/2015 at 16:35 1 comment

    We have touch input! First successful test:

    The chip is a TI ADS7843 clone (even table references in it's datasheet match TI's datasheet, and not it's own numbering -- had me scratching my head, until I found the TI datasheet, and then it made sense :).

    Had to write driver from scratch, to use hardware SPI (otherwise there aren't enough pins). MOSI/MISO/CLK are shared with the ILI9341 display driver. While at it, added support for differential mode (code I could find used bitbanged SPI and single-ended mode). The code is currently a frakking mess, but once cleaned up, it'll be on github.

    So, the $22 Digole can be replaced by a $7 generic module (running ucglib, a much nicer graphics lib, too!). Getting closer to the ~$13 mark, which makes much more sense for this device.

    Edit - initial code here:

  • Ucglib on ESP8266

    Spiros Papadimitriou09/13/2015 at 17:48 2 comments

    On the front of using a much cheaper display module, just got Ucglib running on Arduino for ESP:

    If interested to give it a try, my port is at (let me know if it worked). It also requires two simple patches to the Arduino ESP install: I believe that u8glib could also be ported in a similar fashion (but not interested in doing it right now).

    Support for the touchscreen controller is still missing (shouldn't be hard, though).

    Note: there is also a port of ucglib to NodeMCU at (which convinced me to give the Arduino port a try; thanks!!). That port strips out most fonts from the source (avoiding this was the part that took me a while to get working).

  • Demo video

    Spiros Papadimitriou09/09/2015 at 18:23 0 comments

    Short video showing it in action:

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Vladi wrote 01/15/2017 at 14:28 point

So cool.. Nice, simple, elegant... I am interesting in files for 3d printing enclosure as well.. Hope you attach those here soon. Cheers

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Danny Martin wrote 12/10/2016 at 18:14 point

Do you have the necessary files to 3D print the enclosure?

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Dillon Nichols wrote 09/23/2016 at 13:52 point

I loved my Chumby and was upset when the touchscreen died. I attempted a similar smarthome control project with a STM32F429-DISCOVERY board and ESP chip but abandoned it for some reason. Love how cheap this is so I might give it a shot. And great advice on the XTC-3D, I attempted to "fix" a recent 3D print with liquid tape but it didn't turn out as nice as your case. Might have to pick some of that stuff up.

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Craig Hissett wrote 03/24/2016 at 11:16 point

I flipping love this!!

I have an ESP or two that I want to do something with - this is absolutely perfect.

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