Rebuild time

A project log for Arduino Smart Watch

A very basic yet expandable smart watch based upon Adafruit's 5v Pro Trinket board

austin-marandosAustin Marandos 01/13/2016 at 12:450 Comments

After putting this project away for some time (to make room for another project soon to be released on my profile) I have decided to rebuild/resolder the whole watch. The 3D printed case and band will stay put however the circuitry will be re soldered and cleaned out. The reasons behind this is due to my lazy and terrible wiring (as per the images) and because if I am going to be wearing the watch I want it to be 100% safe and functional (Don't want any short circuits while I'm wearing it at school). I also believe that rebuilding the watch will increase its longevity. I have decided not to create a custom PCB due to time/money and I don't want the waste the components I currently have. I will also be creating a more sophisticated GUI for the watch since it's current version is very basic (which isnt always a bad thing...). Stay tuned for more on the watch, and check out my profile in the upcoming weeks for a new project (Star Wars themed) :)