Parts List / Watch out for fake Anderson connectors

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There's always room for Pi in your Amateur Radio Go Kit. Top it off with the Pi-Go and plug right into your station power - or even your car

Bob RecnyBob Recny 09/21/2015 at 19:560 Comments

I just added the parts list. All components are available at Digi-Key with the exception of the Anderson products. Those are available through Mouser or Newarki/element14.

Beware of counterfeit Anderson connectors. Here's a picture of some suspect parts that I've seen. Good parts are on the left - ones purchased from an authorized distributor. The suspect parts are on the right - ones that I've picked up at various hamfests over the years.. Note the corrosion and inconsistency on the pins and the variations in the word "POWER" stamped on the edge of the connector. Some are upside-down, some are missing the "O", some aren't aligned, etc. Even the colors are not consistent.