RGB LED Module (H01R00)

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HexabitzHexabitz 04/14/2018 at 03:130 Comments

H01R00 is a smart RGB LED module based on Cree CLVBA-FKA-CC1F1L1BB7R3R3 RGB LED and STM32F0 MCU. It is part of the upcoming Hexabitz modular prototyping system.

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Q: Isn't a 32-bit MCU an overkill for a smart LED module?

A: Yes! But all Hexabitz modules -whether it's a complex Ethernet or IMU or a simple LED- share same backend hardware and software. This what gives the platform its unmatched modularity and scalability. Cortex-M0 MCUs are small, cheap, power-efficient, yet capable of really wonderful things. Having an embedded MCU provides a cheaper and more compact alternative to connecting an LED breakout with an external controller.

Q: What level of soldering experience is required?

A: Hexabitz are designed for the absolute soldering beginners! The edge pads are large and easy to reach and anyone with basic knowledge of soldering can assemble a flat array. Curved and spherical arrays require more training but can be made easier with 3d-printed fixtures.