Micro-SD Memory Card Module (H1BR60)

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HexabitzHexabitz 04/14/2018 at 03:280 Comments

H1BR60 is a nifty little SPI-based, micro-SD card module based on STM32F0 MCU and running Fatfs file system. It is part of the upcoming Hexabitz modular prototyping system.

Note 1: This module was named H05R00 before.

Note 2: This module does not ship with a micro-SD card.

Technical Specifications

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Q: How do I use H1BR60 to add logging capability to my projects?

A: H1BR60 module logs all sorts of signals connected to its array ports. You can stream digital data from external hardware using serial ports (UART), connect digital sensors (3.3V max) directly, connect external switches of any type (mechanical, optical, magnetic) or momentary and toggle buttons.

Q: Can I log same signal in different ways?

A: Yes! You can start two simultaneous logs of different types (rate or event) and log same or different signals.

Q: Can I log a complicated condition/combination of signals?

A: Yes! You can write C code to combine signals in complex ways and write the output to an internal RAM buffer. This buffer / memory location can then be logged either on rate- or event-basis.

Q: What's the maximum logging rate in H1BR60?

A: Maximum logging rate is 1KHz. However, it depends on number of simultaneous logs and number of variables per log. Usually it is several hundred Hz in complicated scenarios.