mounting studs & leadscrew bearings

A project log for scrap part mini lathe

my goal is to build a cheap, simple lathe in order to make bushings etc. for other ongoing projects

farnzworth7farnzworth7 09/16/2015 at 18:090 Comments

I decided to use studs and nylon lock nuts on the vertical slides, dur to the fact it makes assembly/adjustment much more simple. the holes are already tapped for 1/4 20 bolts, so I purchaced 4 4" bolts and applied jb weld before screwing them in place. after the jb weld was done I drilled set screw holes and, set the screws lol. cut the bolt heads off and I am good to go.

the bearings and mounts are from a old skateboard wheel. this was a really simple task. I mounted the wheel in my drill and proceeded to cur right down the center with my hacksaw. more progress to follow----------