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Zardoz can only be described as "it is what it is".  What it is, is a flying head that spits out gun.  So to that end, I have attempted a flying head that spits guns.

  • 1 × syma quadro-copter An inexpensive quad copter used in the LVL1 Quadro-copter combat event known as QUACC
  • 1 × A paper folded Zardoz head from the internet, the true creator has serious skills, see link below
  • 1 × 0.093 Acrylic sheet
  • 4 × Carbon Fiber thin dowels
  • 1 × Hot glue, lots of hot glue

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    Step 1

    Building the copter frame.

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Mike Szczys wrote 05/07/2014 at 21:06 point
Ohhhhh... I had a great laugh at that demo video fail. The shout of anguish from off camera is the best part. ha!

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Derrick Bommarito wrote 04/29/2014 at 01:08 point
Someone has perhaps been watching Scott Manley lately.

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