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A project log for Heartbeat Logger

A portable device that logs a snippet of your heart at the push of a button.

Ole Andreas UtstumoOle Andreas Utstumo 02/23/2019 at 15:320 Comments

I had shelved this project for lack of time after starting a new career in another country, but I recently got a text from a friend of mine telling me his heart was acting up, and he wanted a logger to what was going on.

So I'm picking up this project again, and for extra learning, I'm changing the scope a bit.

I'll also do the following changes

So I've already got the analog front end working adequately. Now I will make a test PCB for the MCU and flash IC setup, and get the mass storage working. 

I'll use this source as a guide:

The MCU will be a STM32L412xx. Off we go!