Moldin' 2

A project log for Heartbeat Logger

A portable device that logs a snippet of your heart at the push of a button.

Ole Andreas UtstumoOle Andreas Utstumo 01/26/2020 at 22:550 Comments

Didn't mix enough silicone and ended up with only half an enclosure.. Feels pretty damn fascinating, though.

Letting gravity to its work on the silicone through that narrow opening in the mould proved to be impossible, so I resorted to the cordless drill to modify the resin printed mould a little...

Whops. Brittle stuff, this is. Fret not, though, because my colleague Borut modified the cad files and my other colleague Börje printed a new mould with his cheap resin printer. The prints are slightly deformed but the level of detail and sharpness is on a whole other level from filament prints.

Vaseline is again used to keep the mould from leaking.

The negative filler..

I used a pipette to push the silicone mix into the mould. Not ideal since air bubbles are easily introduced into the mix, but it'll work.

Silicone doesn't take long to become unworkable.. I tried attaching a vibration motor to shake the bubbles out, but it didn't do much. A vacuum chamber would have given some solid results.

Some rough edges, but it will be functional.

Snug fit! As a bonus, the silicone works very well with the indicator LED.

There will be a crack in the casing where the PCB slides in, though.