Update: Taking shape

A project log for Pi/Arduino Prototyping

An all-in-one development platform featuring a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, a HDMI display screen and a breadboard area.

Craig HissettCraig Hissett 09/24/2015 at 17:070 Comments

Just a quick update for you wonderful lot :-)

A friend of mine has offered to assist with the 3D design work for my enclosure, and my gawd - he works fast.

A few of the key points have been refined while we have been discussing it:

Breadboard: Ditched

To save space and increase productivity I am going to purchase a prototyping shield for my Mega - something like this:

This shield will have space for two small breadboards on top and remove the need to have an extra breadboard.

Enclosure Shape: Altered

Less wedge-like to give a better viewing angle

Interchangeable Prototyping Panels

Just above the Arduino's slot are 4 small spaces. These slots are going to allow interchangable panels to be designed and swapped out as necessary. Potentiometers, switches, buttons, ICs, resistor ladders etc can all be put into a panel for ease of prototyping.

These panels will have their connections broken out to female headers on the front of the board to allow easy connection with male-male jumpers with the rest of the station.

I will also design my phone holder attachment to fit into two of these 4 panel spaces.

The design is taking shape - wahey!