A project log for nWatch

Selfmade watch that helps You learn STM32 programming.

Peter WasilewskiPeter Wasilewski 12/06/2015 at 15:370 Comments

Hi !

I've not forgotten about the project, don't worry :) .

During this long time I've been absent, I've made a new PCB, managed to run the SRAM memory, and made an MP3 player which randomly picks songs. As You can see that's not much, but I can work on the project only in the evenings, if I have some time left. I plan to make a low-power mode, but that's quite hard to do, while having so many peripherals onboard. I've been thinking of adding a power managment chip, to be able to control the current during a complete shut down. Another feature is small voltage divider used to measue the battery voltage.

I had some problems while trying to talk to MP3 decoder - vs1053. It sometimes wouldn't turn on, and sometimes it was working just fine. I resoldered it once or twice, but it didn't help. I also checked all the paths, and voltages, wired up a logic analyser. I still couldn't find the bug. While reading a VS forum I discovered that I was missing a 1Mohm resistor between quarts paths. When I soldered it, the device started working as it supposed to ;)

I've also created a repository on Github, to find out about Git system. You can see the code here :

See You soon !