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Selfmade watch that helps You learn STM32 programming.

Peter WasilewskiPeter Wasilewski 08/28/2016 at 23:440 Comments

This time You'll probably laugh at me, beacuse I'm quite a hesitant person when it comes to pick up a proper display for my watch. Yes I've returned to the nokia 6300 lcd. Why ? Because it's much better visible in the sun, it has a nice connector, is eaisly avaliable, cheap and as it turned up not that slow even on the 8-bit wide bus. Additionaly it's smaller and perfectly fits to the 2" touch screen.

And You know what ? I'm really happy with that decision. I've made a new PCB ( during te vacation in the evenings ) and when I came back home I put everything together. It took me about a month or so, but it was worth it. Now I can wear it on my wrist, and that's a real motivation to improve firmware.

New features I've added :

- fixed the one button startup - when it's turned on it comsumes about 80mAh, which is a great amount of current but when it's asleep ( the main 3.3v converter is off) it consumes about 0.3 mAh ( the internal RTC and MPU6050 continues to work).

- added a startup by moving the watch. It's based on the MPU6050 and it's internal DMP

- fixed the USB mass storage. This feature worked only in the first verision, as it turned out due to the length of traces ( they cannot be very long or you have to use a usb filter)

- the case is only 11.8 mm high. Great outcome considering the previous watch ( non - touch ) was 15mm. I hope I can achieve 10mm when I buy a thinner Li-po and make the PCB on a 0.7mm laminate ( not 1.5 mm ;P ).

As usual some photos an a video :

Now I realised how big is that project is. But I'm going to finish it...