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A cnc mill designed to be able to machine aluminum

jupdykejupdyke 09/15/2015 at 04:240 Comments

I did some work for a guy and in exchange he paid for the work by buying me a CNC kit from Probotix. The don't sell these stepper motor drivers any longer. But they work pretty well. I got the 4 axis kit because I was planning on using two stepper motors for the z axis. Now that the design has changed I will be able to have a 4th axis if I want. I wired it up and started to mount it into a project enclouser.

I laser cut a front face plate for it and mounted some XLR connectors for the motors. This makes it easy to wire it up once and forget it. The plugs are keyed so you can only put them in one way.

I added a terminal block in for the motor power and put a fuse on each of the motor controller and DB25 breakout board. The motors have a 3 amp fuse and the breakout has a much smaller one. It is important to put a fuse on each motor driver because they can draw up to 3 amps each. So with all the axis running I could easily be pulling around 12 amps. But you dont want 12 amps to go into any one board. All the motor controllers are heatsinked together with a peice of angle aluminum and some thermal paste.