Small Update

A project log for CNC Mill

A cnc mill designed to be able to machine aluminum

jupdykejupdyke 09/18/2015 at 22:180 Comments

I got the screws I needed to assemble the spindle mount. So today I spent a little time getting the mount fully assembled and mounted on the mill. It fits very well and runs smooth. I am really happy with how the spindle mount turned out. I started building cnc machines about 7 years ago. The first one was made from wood and scrap. I made all the parts by hand on woodworking tools. This project has motivated me to learn to machine better parts. I learned how to use a manual mill, lathe, weld, powder coat, anodize and all sorts of other things.

It is a really nice feeling when you bolt everything together and it fits great. I can't wait to get the motor mount machined and have this making chips.