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One controller to rule them all! A PS2 controller crossed with an AVR and XBee / Bluetooth, to use in multiple physical computing projects.

the-big-oneThe Big One 08/27/2015 at 15:500 Comments

After a long period without changes, I have decided to add some new features to the Universal Controller. I will be adding a display (so that the device being controlled can send messages, debug text, etc); a buzzer for alerts (low battery, etc); and a slide potentiometer for absolute position detection for things like throttle position. I plan on using 2x AA batteries with a boost regulator instead of the 3x AAA batteries + linear regulator that I am using currently.

I am also going to be ditching the plastic case and making a custom enclosure out of wood.

These changes should make the system more usable for some other devices, most notably a quadcopter that is currently in planning phases.

More details to follow once I actually make some progress.